Automated Podcast AdvertFree Access

With Our-Hometown you can create an automated podcast from your website, by generating audio episodes from any article. We have built tools to integrate any 3rd party content management system into our podcast pipeline simply with an RSS feed available on any website.

Step 1: You publish articles on your website exactly as you do today.

Step 2: The articles then come to Our-Hometown through an RSS feed onto a personalized demo site where the articles are converted into audio episodes.

Step 3: All the audio episodes are syndicated through the Buzzsprout service to the chosen podcast apps and platforms.

Buzzsprout provides a podcast player that can be embedded on your website, full visual customization for how your podcast will appear on apps and services, and detailed audience demographics and analytics so you can see how your podcast is extending the reach of your website.

You can try automated podcasts free for 1 month by signing up at

After the trial the service is just $99 per month for virtually unlimited podcast episodes generated from your website and syndicated on any podcast service.

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