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As I am writing, I am looking out at a windy cool day in the later part of March. The sun is out, and the sky is clear, but when one steps outside the cold voice of winter is still around.

I like living in an area where you experience all four seasons. It is almost like each season reminds you that life is a cycle of change. Just like life, there is the birth in spring, then the energy and heat of summer comes. This is followed by the cooler nights and a blaze of colorful trees in the preparation of sleep. Winter seems to mimic death but is really the preparation for the next resurrection. The seasons are teachers of life’s journey through mortality.

There are seasons for the globe we call earth, and then there are seasons for the cyclical travels of the sun through the universe. Just like us as individuals, the universe has its ice ages, tropic periods and then repeats its journey.

Really, all of life is cyclical. The saying, “Nothing is new under the sun,” is true. There are periods of peace and periods of war. There are times when freedom rings and times when the joy of individuality is crushed.


We are going through a tremendous change politically in America. This spring, we will be choosing candidates to determine whether this country will cycle from a free republic to a form of democratic socialism. Most free societies fall into some sort of socialism until they run out of other people’s money and then crash in chaos or dictatorship. Politics is cyclical, and yet we somehow forget the nature of the past and think that in this cycle everything will be different.

The world seems to forget that there are seasons for everything. Just as the planet moves in a repeating cyclical fashion, we seem to repeat the same mistakes. In the arena of politics, I believe we are coming into a harsh winter. The cold of global collapse is coming. Wars will come like a driving snow. There will be the period of destruction, and perhaps if man doesn’t destroy the species, spring will once again come. Man will step out of his individual house of self-interest and embrace again the growth of creation and cooperation.

There is a new spring coming. We have had a cold winter, but we can see the signs of spring and resurrection. It is up to all of us to play a part in the growth of mankind by embracing the culture of life and moving away from the culture of death. We must embrace the warmth of the sun. We must use the energy of love and understanding and push forth the buds of freedom. To have freedom, we must all have responsibility to grow like buds pushing through the still barren ground and create the beauty of life with all its color and vitality.

Seize both the spring of the earth and also the season of your own person life with the understanding that we are meant to go through seasons of birth, growth, decline and ultimate death. We should embrace the lessons of each season recognizing that our mission is to learn in each stage of life so that when our new spring comes, we become a new and more beautiful flower. Have a great spring and blossom. •


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