April: The National Fair Housing Month



Adrián García, director of the Housing Equity & Equity Institute program of the Lancaster Housing Opportunity Partnership, shares what this program is about.

“In 1968, the Fair Housing Act was signed in the United States of America. This law prohibits discrimination when renting, selling or financing it and protects people who want to have a safe roof by sale or rent. You must not discriminate based on race, sex, color, religion, disability and family status or the presence of children. This law also covers the territories of our nation, for example, the American Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. It has the obligation to ensure that people are guided and, above all, that they are treated with respect and fairness.”

According to Garcia, in order to ensure equality to anyone interested in a home, the Department of Housing and Urban Development has put these stringent regulations.

“Like any law there are those who agree with the Fair Housing Act, but not with affirming and advancing with housing justice, since it forces diversification of housing development, to ensure that everyone who seeks a home has equality to get it. We have been moving forward. Since this law was created, people continue to seek information and education when it comes to having a home. We must clarify that everything is also subject to financial qualification and in some cases have adequate credit. This does not mean that according to your financial situation and credit status would be your home. Also, there is a fact, not all housing complexes are prepared for people with disabilities. Even though there are federal aids to help these people.”

If you are interested in an orientation on the fair housing act, Garcia, who is a certificate specialist in housing justice, encourages everyone to learn about the programs offered and about other services. You can visit their offices located on East King Street #123, or call (717) 291-9945, ext.107. •

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