Can We Always Be Positive, Happy and At Peace?



As human beings, we can truly obtain whatever we want to achieve. Everything starts with our frame of reference. Jack Lannom, in his book Untapped Potential, says, “Mind-set precedes skillset, belief precedes behavior, philosophy precedes performance, and theory precedes practice.”

He is certainly right. When one is plagued by poor self-esteem or hopelessness, it is easy to fall under the sway of others and lose perspective, purpose, mission and control of our own life. This is the factor behind the proliferation of gangs, substance abuse and all forms of delinquency. In such cases, the closest influence wins, not necessarily the best one. To stay positive, happy and at peace, one has to be around people who think, believ, and practice it.

Several authors have affirmed that a person’s behaviors, attitudes and ways of thinking are generally absorbed from the people with whom they associate. We are all products of our own environments, and we collate an average of what we find around us. The great news is that we have the option to choose. Consequently, revise your acquaintances, count your friends and evaluate your relationships. You need positive and proactive thinkers around you in order to generate optimistic energy. Of course, it is not my intention to create stereotypes around cultural, economic, ethnic, political or social differences. The core criteria for selecting your friends does not mean to be exclusive in content but inclusive in essence. Do not allow negative thinking contaminate your thoughts or take away your dreams solely because that mindset fits with your environment.

I support the principle that no one can control your attitude, but yourself. Unfortunately, the influence of others can be tenacious. Positive or negative friends may influence the choices you make and the actions you take, therefore, choose wisely whom you want around you. Helping yourself is a mandatory duty of your conscious self. However, you should also help others embrace social competence by advocating the spiritual rewards of solidarity. This is not just a discretionary attitude; it is a civic and fraternal duty. Our first task is to maintain a positive spirit and invigorate our enthusiasm in any given circumstance. To be positive, happy and at peace is a choice, and the decision is only yours. •

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