New Haven Fire Company offers flag service in city

The American flags that line the streets in the Connellsville business district each holiday don’t just magically appear.

They are placed there by members of the New Haven Hose Company as a show of patriotism, support for the Armed Forces and as a way of generating support for the volunteer fire department.

They also beautify the city for the holidays throughout the year.

The funds generated by the flag service are used by the fire department to buy and operate safety equipment used by New Haven Hose to protect the residents and businesses of Connellsville.

Although there have already been several flag displays this year, local businesses which have not yet contracted with the department may still do so, according to Chief Bob Topper Sr.

Information sent out earlier this year to businesses notes that the $40 per flag fee will be prorated by $4 for each display day which has already passed.

The fire department supplies a flag, pole and holder to each participant and will maintain and store the flags and poles between holidays.

Businesses interested in supporting the flag project may contact the New Haven Hose Company, 123 S. Seventh St., Connellsville Pa., 15425

Christine Haines is a staff writer with the Daily Courier. She can be reached at 724- 628-2000, ext. 116 or

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