Orlando and UCF team up to design disaster resilience hubs

UCF is teaming up with the City of Orlando to create

UCF is teaming up with the City of Orlando to create “disaster resilience hubs” by enhancing community centers to offer resource distribution in the event of natural disasters. ANNABELLE SIKES

The City of Orlando and UCF have come together to co-design a series of disaster resilience hubs throughout Central Florida.

Resilience hubs, according to the Urban Sustainability Directors Network, are enhanced community centers designed to support residents and coordinate resource distribution and services before, during or after a natural hazard event. Not only do resilience hubs provide the opportunity for a stronger community, they also can reduce greenhouse gas emissions, aid local emergency response teams, improve quality of life, improve access to health improvement initiatives and more.

The two organizations plan to co-apply for a Civic Innovation Challenge Planning Grant from the National Science Foundation.

If chosen, Orlando would receive $50,000 toward the early development and planning of the disaster resilience hubs.

More updates are expected from the UCF researchers if the project is selected for funding.

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