Some area schools, including Harbor Springs, starting before Labor Day

Some local school districts are starting back to school in northern Michigan prior to Labor Day– something that has not happened in Char-Em ISD for many years.

“While this is not the first time our Char-Em ISD schools have had different start dates, it is the first time some have opened before Labor Day,” said ISD superintendent, Jeff Crouse.

On occasion, some schools have opened on the Wednesday after Labor Day, for example, while some started Tuesday after Labor Day. A full week’s differential, however, is a rarity (if it has happened at all).

Harbor Springs Public Schools will return to the classroom (or virtual classroom, depending on what a student opted to do) on Tuesday, September 1. Petoskey Public Schools will return on September 8.

Other area districts opening on September 1 include Alanson, Boyne City, Boyne Falls, Central Lake, and East Jordan.

Schools opening September 8, in addition to Petoskey, include Charlevoix, Beaver Island and Pellston.

“In the fall of 2019, we applied for a waiver for a pre- Labor Day start,” said Harbor Springs superintendent Michael Behrmann. “This was done in cooperation with the teachers association, so that students would not get out of school in the third week of June. We felt that a pre-Labor Day start, given that Labor Day was as late as it possibly could be this year, made sense at the time. Additionally, we felt that it was a better learning environment for students during the first week of September as opposed to the third week of June.”

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