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My heart is exploding this month! In case you missed it, my July letter to you spelled our mission at The Community Paper to share positive news while uplifting and connecting our community and why we don’t cover hard news. Your response to that letter solidified what our team believes: What we do is indeed needed and appreciated.

Rob H. wrote in on behalf of himself and his wife:

“In spite of all of the challenges of these recent times, your publication is one of the few that I can count on and that I pick up, always, because every time I finish every article I feel like I know a little more about our awesome city … writing never fails to renew my faith and my general belief that in spite of everything going on, we all have so much for which to be thankful. I really appreciate your wonderful attitude which permeates through the publication of your awesome Community Paper. I love your overall approach and that of the terrific people who write with you, and for you. Eventually, this Covid cloud will lift. Thank you on behalf of our community in taking the positive approach you do. A lot of people love you and what you and your team do during these unprecedented times. It is greatly appreciated. Stay Safe and positive. It’s contagious and so important.”

We received a phone message from Joel M.:

“I was so encouraged to read about y’all’s policy to have positive news, and it was so refreshing … just wanted to tell you I love your publication, so keep up the great work. Thanks.”

Katherine K. wrote on Facebook:

“Good news is needed at this time. Always happy to open the paper and read positive, kind articles.”

Katie K. added:

“It’s such a blessing to have your paper in our extra special community. It brings a sense of small town to our ever-growing city and helps people feel connected. Your focus on positive news is what everyone needs and wants. We appreciate your hard work and love you!”

As you can imagine, our entire team got a huge boost reading and hearing your messages. Thank you.

But those of us listed in the paper’s masthead are not the only folks responsible for what goes in your Community Paper. So much of what we write about comes from reader suggestions. As hard as we try, there’s no way we can learn about all of the good news happening in the downtown Orlando area. That’s where you come in.

If you hear about a person, local business or group doing something you wish others knew about, send me an email at or contact us through our website at yourcommunity We really do see this as YOUR community paper, so help us spread the good news. There’s a lot of it in this month’s edition!

P.S. The deadline to request a vote-by-mail ballot for the August 18 Primary Election is 5:00 p.m., August 8. Contact

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