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Well, here we are into the 2020 firearm deer season and what a start of the season it was with a monsoon and heavy winds for opening day and the winds continued into the next couple days. In some areas hunters found what I warned them about with all the rain we have had and that was water up to the grill on their pickups in some of the bad holes. Needless to say unless you had a nice solid blind you were sure to get wet on opening day.

Hunters are seeing a lot of deer and even some bucks but hopefully the weather will get better as the season goes along. I have always said and it is a proven point at my age that just being able to get out in the woods and see some deer makes for an enjoyable hunting season and I have seen a good number of deer. I have even seen a couple way to close to the front of my vehicle running back and forth to camp. You have to remember when you are an old fossil like I am that both your brain and your reflects fossilized long ago.

I guess it goes something like this: Deer! Deer in road crossing in front of you! Vehicle headed for deer crossing road! Brain quickly tells foot to hit brake to miss deer in road right in front of your vehicle now! Then your sub-conscious says deer please keep moving and don’t stop and look at vehicle just about to hit you! Then think, “Boy that was a close one”.

As I sit around at camp wondering just how this deer season has been it takes me once again back to those “good-old-days” in the 50’s when at hunting camp with dad and the crew. They always had to pack (and you have to remember we either got back to our camp with a team of horses or a “bug” because there were no 4-wheel drives back then) an old Sear’s radio that had a big battery made up of about a zillion flashlight size batteries all hooked together just so they could get the radio station out of Ironwood in the evening to listen to the “Deer hunters roundup”. Back in those day’s hunters would call in and report their hunting success and each evening the station reported it on the “Deer Hunters Roundup”. The interesting thing was this big battery would only last long enough to hear a few minutes of radio hunting news each evening and then it was shot. I still have this old radio with one of the batteries for old time sake.

By the way, the old hunting shack my dad, grandpa, and crew had was on National Forest Service land and they knew it and nobody cared. Dad and grandpa ran train in the woods by where the camp was put up and used it for years until they gave it up. Of course if something like this happened in today’s world the Forest Service would call out the FBI, DDA, National Guard, and at least 57 other federal agencies to swoop down on our camp. Would you believe we also cooked and drank water out of the little creek that ran by camp! And believe it or not we all managed to live through the hunting seasons.

I am sitting at camp doing this article with a nice gentle snow with big flakes falling with just enough for a good tracking snow and for the deer to really show up. I sit out here with no TV and no radio and am definitely social distancing from everyone else and even wear my mask even if it is a snowmobile hoody so everyone should be happy.

Just to tell you how rough and what a bad turn life can take would you believe the sugar beet lady ran out of sugar beets before deer season even got a good start. Really could life get any worse for someone up here in the U.P. It is rough what we deer hunters have to put up with: first too much rain and then too much wind, and to top this off no sugar beets! Could life get any worse? O’ but it can now with no Black Friday at Menard’s to load up on all their hunter’s specials of things you really do not need but who can pass up a good deal when the opportunity is right in front of them.

The Big House with all their Exspurts have basically outlawed Thanksgiving unless you hold it with everyone being in separate rooms. With this in mind and seeing you can now have up to 30 people at a funeral that you hold funeral service for your pet turkey that just passed away on Thanksgiving and let them know that after the service refreshments will be served.

Remember to keep on laughing or life will get to you and enjoy the rest of the hunting season.

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