Safety is key to every successful hunt



LANSING – With the start of Michigan’s firearm deer season, the DNR reminds new and veteran hunters to always put safety first.

Lt. Tom Wanless, who heads the DNR’s recreational safety programs, said although some safety tips seem like common sense, it’s critical for anyone hunting with firearms to understand safety basics.

“You’re not successful unless you’re safe,” Lt. Wanless said. “We want everyone to return home to their families and friends. While many safety recommendations may seem obvious, hunters shouldn’t take them for granted.”

All hunters should:

• Treat every firearm as if it is loaded.

• Be aware of their surroundings – know the target and what is beyond it.

• Unload firearms when crossing obstacles and/or getting in or out of a tree stand.

• Obey “no trespassing” signs; they are there for a reason.

• Obtain landowner permission to retrieve game if it wandered onto private property.

• Wear as much hunter orange as possible to increase visibility to other hunters.

Get more hunting safety tips and resources at HuntingSafety. For season and regulation details, see the 2020 Hunting Digest.

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