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Woman Assaulted with Soda Can; Man Charged in attack

Police arrested an Ebensburg resident for allegedly assaulting a woman in the 11th Avenue parking lot on Saturday afternoon January 24, 2021. The victim said in a police report that the driver of a Blue Prius became very upset and honked his horn a her because she shopped to let people cross the street.

The victim said that the Blue Prius and another vehicle followed her into the parking lot. A man came up to her and threw a soda can at her.

According to the report Jeff Statler, 24 of Julian Street, allegedly slapped the victim in the face with an open hand, knocking her down. Police arrested Mr. Statler and later incarcerated him in the Cambria TWP jail.

Woman Reports Assault

Police arrested James Hendrick, 21 of Summerhill, for allegedly committing an act of sexual imposition in the West Centre Street parking lot on Sunday January 23, 2021.

A woman said that Hendricks grabbed her breasts, according to a police report. The victim reported the incident to the Ebensburg Police. Deputy Vernon Smith said after interviewing several people, the police arrested Hendricks.

Report of Peeping Tom

A woman reported a man entering the sixth floor women’s restroom of Cambria Hall Shopping District, 1922 South Center Street, early Friday Morning January 22, 2021. The woman reported that a man was watching her through the stall.

According to the report, she saw the man after she finished using the lavatory. The man fled when she screamed.

Police Beat is compiled by OHT Staff Writer Vera Lemonovich

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