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Well, I have to admit that this Memorial Day weekend was one for the history books. It is the first time since I have been old enough to remember when there was no Indy 500 to watch. There were a lot of people on the move over the weekend but it is hard to say if there were as many moving around as in a normal holiday weekend. I did see a lot of campers and boaters heading for some of the campgrounds and lakes to enjoy the time after all the stay at home orders. It will be interesting if those moving about try to stay safe and by doing this make sure we will all be able to enjoy being able to get around a little more.

I know the black flies were also out there enjoying the holiday weekend. It looks like the black flies may be on the way down I rely on my windshield index to keep track of how heavy they are in some areas. As the saying goes up here in Yooperland, “When the Trilliums are out the black flies are out in full force so be aware and ready for putting up with them. The good news is the black flies seem to run their course and die off but when they do the mosquitoes seem to be more than willing to take their place. I guess this is just one of the curses we have to put up with up here where we live.

According to the weatherman by the time you receive your paper we should have received some rain here in the eastern U.P. After planting my allotment of almost 400 trees and shrubs I have been really hoping for some rain to give them a good growing spurt. Some of those I planted look real good while some others look like they could use a drink.

I have been seeing a good number of turkey and quite a few deer in my travels. This is good after the crazy winter we had. The DNR is now making plans for how the deer season will be set up this fall. Some of the things they talk about seem good from my personal point of view but needless to say there are those “exspurts” out there that do not agree with 99 percent of what the average hunter would like to see but yet seem to be able to get their way of setting the rules for all of us. I guess we will just have to wait and see what the final outcome will be.

It is rather interesting but a while back I mentioned in my article about my dad talking about making use of “government beef” during the great depression and now that day may come our way once again the way things are going. I guess my dad was not the only one that talked about “government beef” because after talking about it in my articles I heard from readers that were well aware of what it was and even how good it tastes I guess it is really a small world out there.

I am sure you have all heard by now about the party over in the Eastern U.P. that killed all the wolves, some eagles, along with a lot of other things. What a crazy world when someone does all this and thinks they can get away with it and nobody will ever find out so they end up being caught. I have told you before that in all my travels in the woods as a game warden only twice did I run into what you would call a professional violator who hunted and violated by himself. In both cases the poachers were x-cons and they knew if they operated alone there was no one out there to spill the beans on them. Thank goodness in most poaching cases the person doing it does not operate like these two did. It will sure be interesting what the final outcome of this case will be.

Wifee and I are doing well enduring our second month under house arrest but I cannot think of anyone I would rather be with during this time. Of course you have to remember we have had almost 30 years of retirement to practice spending a lot of time together before these two months came along so we were well prepared for it. No matter what, remember life is always what you make it and you can always make it a point to find a way to enjoy each day you have with those you love so make each day special.

In closing I have decided that if our governor does not open barber shops pretty soon I may end up with a pony tail. But like I told someone, “With my luck when our barber does open up he may have to let customers in one at a time in alphabetical order and if this is the case I would be at the far end of the list and end up with a pony tail anyway.

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