Hail falls all over Clarke County

Hail from nickle to golf ball and larger sizes rained down on Clarke County from Jackson to Thomasville Saturday afternoon as a sudden storm system blew through. Above are just some of the hail collected by citizens.

Daniel Heath shows a handful at his home on the Dummy Line Road south of Thomasville, Laine Bolen with various sizes in Jackson, Frank Myers of Thomasville compared a piece to a quarter at his home on Hinson Drive in Thomasville (where a tornado hit last weekend) and Rachel Lindsey with a piece in Grove Hill.

It took a sizeable chunk to break the windshield of Thomasville Mayor Sheldon Day’s vehicle. He was out checking a suspicious cloud system when he ran into the hail on Highway 43 south near the entrance to the North Clarke Industrial Park. Others also reported damage to vehicles due to the hail. The weekend storms dumped up to six inches of rain in places. Strong winds downed trees and power lines.

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